Why You Should Read to Your Child

April 30, 2019 By Liam Crawford

Why You Should Read to Your Child

I read to my child because I love to read. I got this love from my mother –  when I was a child she read to me every day. So, we know that reading books is important for adults, but why you should read to your kids? I hope these 9 reasons will convince you and the books will become an integral part of your children’s life.

#1 Expand Vocabulary


Do you know that in children’s literature there are 50% more rare words than in adult conversations? Normal conversation provides children only the main lexicon. They can learn rare words only from books. In writing, more words are used than in oral. Frequently read children begin to use rare words in their speech. It helps to build your rich oral language. It is easier to put thoughts into words with him, to communicate with different people, to build relationships.

Experts are convinced that children get vocabulary indirectly – through communication, from cartoons and books. But not through direct training. The reading volume makes vocabulary increase.

#2 Soothes and Gives a Feeling of Comfort

During the joint reading, a strong bond is established between the parent and the child.  The book for the baby should be with pictures and describe familiar situations for the child. Among familiar things, he feels safe.

#3 Teaches to Distinguish Between Reality and Fiction

While reading it is important to pay attention to the child on the similarities and differences of reality with the book. For example: “Teddy Bear is a bear, but he, like you, has a father and mother.” You can ask leading questions: “What other books have we read about the family?” Or: “Papa the bear ate a barrel of honey for breakfast, and what do we eat for breakfast?”

reading importance

#4 Shows New Ideas

Reading introduces children to various subjects and ideas. From the books, they learn how to behave in different situations and try on the models of behavior of the characters. After reading the book, ask your child to retell what he remembered. Or ask a few questions. So you make sure that the son or daughter correctly understand the new plot or topic.

#5 Helps to Master New Skills

Children learn to hold a book and turn the pages from left to right. Imitation of reader behavior. The kid pretends to read – repeats the words and sounds of the parent.

#6 Gives Knowledge About the World

Children love stories, especially animals, books about technology, spacecraft, etc. With the help of books with good illustrations, children will receive information long before they learn to read on their own. You can combine books with new experiences. For example, books about animals before or after visiting a zoo or a book about technology before going to the farm.

#7 Introduces Poetry

Reading poems at an early age is an excellent memory trainer. Kids can easily remember small poems long before they start reading on their own. Memorization is a lifelong skill that is useful in learning and in adulthood. In addition, poetry enriches the child’s vocabulary and creates a sense of language.

#8 Teaches Self-Reading

Show your child that you like to read, become an example for him. And then the kid will understand that reading is a useful and pleasant pastime. Over time, you will see how impatient children are waiting for the moment when you can choose a book yourself and get comfortable reading.

Reading Brings Together

#9 Brings Together

Of course, you have contention, as in any other family. But it is a good way to calm your children. You should just read to them. And then they know that with or without you, reading will always help soothe their souls.


Reading is a very useful hobby. Teach your children to read from the youngest years. Do you read to your kids? Share your child’s favorite book in comments.


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